The success or failure in achieving business objectives are depends on several aspects, such as good marketing, qualified services, production, healthy finance and etc,
which need to be handle by a professional and experienced entrepreneurs. In addition, it also depends on the ability of the entrepreneur to combine these functions so that the company's business can run smoothly.
The success of a company in achieving that goal is strongly influenced by the company's ability to market products and services.

Our Vision

Becoming a leader in management and consulting for marine tourism and liveaboard industry.
Value professionalism, credibility and the results beyond expectation. Emphasize on market and industry development for islands and coastal based tourism

Marine Tourism has developed over the years and liveaboard travel has become favorite choice for travelers exploring Indonesia’s ocean both above and underwater. Indonesia’s ocean are home to abundant coral, charismatic fishes and exotic small islands in the mega Indonesian archipelago. With over 75% of area covered by waters, Indonesia is a must-visit country by sea lovers, scuba divers or marine adventure thrill seekers. A boat is the only way to reach these islands and we are ready to take you there.

Liveaboard Indonesia is a management and consulting company for operating and managing liveaboard boat in Indonesia. Founded in 2016, our team has more than 15 years of professional expertise from tour and travel events organizer, boat hospitality management, boat building and served many guests onboard. As a partner to develop your business, we are committed to delivering you the best.

Our Mission

  • Focus on customer’s satisfaction with ideal and innovative approach.
  • Management system based on business strength and competitiveness
  • Develop an integrated program and services within the tourism industry ecosystem
  • Deliver guidances of expertise in Liveaboard management and operation
  • Conducting management operational and marketing research/consulting contract

Our company

Our Company Liveaboard Indonesia (PT Liveaboard Cruise Indonesia) cooperation with companies / business owners, who are committing for professionally managerial to develop their business and aiming a mutual benefit of the parties.

Company Profile

Komodo Branch

Komp. PDAM RT 13 RW 03 Waekelambu - Komodo
Manggarai Barat - Nusa Tenggara Timur 86754

Manado Branch

Gran Puri Hotel (3rd Floor)
Jl. Sam Ratulangi No.458, Ranotana, Kec. Sario
Manado - Sulawesi Utara 95116

Raja Ampat Branch

Yenbuba Kec.Meos Mansar
Raja Ampat - Papua Barat 98482

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